Wednesday, July 20, 2011

whirlwind weekend.

Sweet baby Jesus what a weekend.

And yes, I realize it's now Wednesday. However, the weekend kind of steam-rolled through Monday and right over half of Tuesday and then there was a going away party last night for one of my besties, who is moving to Good Korea to go teach their youngins how to speak Amuuurican... so, yeah. I need to do laundry.

Plus I don't know about you, but WEDDING SEASON is now in full swing; as in I've got three nuptial-fests in the next four weekends to attend. I'm not complaining, but two of them aren't open bar.  We're even talking completely dry. So.... kid's table for me.

Anyway, I think we left off after my weekend opened with a midnight movie and I went all Harry Potter sobfest on you the next morning via lack of sleep and emotional turmoil. By now most people who are HP fans have probably already seen it, so let me just say a few words.

Mrs. Weasley saying the bitch word? AWESOME. Ginny's 19-years-later hair and ass? Both a little large if you ask me. Seeing all those death eaters peace the fuck OUT when Harry springs back to life after dying/resurrection stone-ing. Priceless. Lurve, lurve, LURVE. Notable absence? Hagrid. I know he makes a brief appearance and all, but man I missed that giant hunk 'o ... giant.

Anyway, I'll tone down the Harry Potter talk now. I mean, I'm not making any promises, but I'll try.  I think that's really more than anyone can hope for.

After dragging myself through work on Friday, I crashed pretty early that night. Plus Manfriend took me out to dinner and I ate my weight in pasta with a cream sauce of some sort... so it's not like I wasn't going to need a nap after that meal anyway.

True to form, we're slated to leave first thing Saturday morning and when I come out of my pasta coma ten hours later I still haven't packed. Nary a knick-knack or pair of undies had found it's way into any type of controlled pile/wadded up bundle. So, I frantically threw my toothbrush,  some conditioner, and like ten pairs of panties into my backpack and said a quick prayer to the luggage gods that they were actually clean.

Saturday morning was A BIT stressful. I ran over to my parents house to 'finish packing' aka see if I had received any birthday cards containing cash while Manfriend set off to run a quick errand aka go buy more deodorant. OF COURSE I left a baby gift and like six more things I needed at Manfriend's (slash I guess my house) so he had to scamper back over there and get them for me.

All in all, we left two hours late, which is pretty good for us.

We arrived in the Windy City by early afternoon and, my my my is Chicago in the summer a different place then Chicago in the dead of winter. Which would be the time of year when I resided there. When basically all I did was futilely apply for a million jobs and wait for my roommate to get home so we could watch TMZ and get drunk together. And hole up in my room, watching an entire season of Veronica Mars a night. 

Okay, end of vivid, depressing flashback.

As soon as we blazed into town we met up with my friend/spirit sister Colleen and proceeded to hit up a neighborhood festival and the zoo. Really any time I get to spend with otters is never disappointing.  Between everything, overwhelming success. Saturday night was a blast of outdoor patio cocktails- and if my two bloody mary brunch Sunday morning isn't an indication of my level of relaxation/hangover, then I don't know what is. I then proceeded to nap for several hours. Vacation means never having to say you're sorry. (Oh my god, okay. I'm sorry for wasting a sunny afternoon napping, Chicago. Nothing personal. Pinky promise.)

Sunday night involved an entirely different type of Mary.

THAT'S RIGHT, REUNION TIME. The gals got to catch up a bit, Mary's husband got to meet Manfriend,  and Mary and I completed our first ever shared domestic task, making a salad together.  I also got to meet her adorable daughter, who is only four months old and has already been saved by fashion. True story.  We drank some champagne and reminisced the good old days, which happen to STILL BE GOING DOWN. It's fine guys, she pumps her milk. RESERVE SUPPLY. Which means that NEXT TIME I'M BRINGING A BEER BONG.

Just kidding.


Whew. Monday, Manfriend and I were still in Chicago, so we pretty much wandered around Wrigleyville until the Phillies v. Cubs played. And we got a batting practice ball. (Manfriend took it TO THE FACE. hahahahahaha ahahaha I love him dearly, but it was hilarious.) BOOM. My friend Dev and his lady friend joined us for the game, which was sahweet.

Basically in a whirlwind weekend, and I saw everyone I wanted to see in the windy city. Frankly, I'm quite tired.

Which is why I'm going to channel George from Seinfeld and attempt to take a nap under my desk this afternoon. The only real problem is that my bosses' cubicle shares a wall with mine. It's really just an added degree of difficulty. And this girl? Up to the challenge.

Happy hump day!

Xo Sare

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