Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Patrick Sharp Day!

I know that most people have to work today.

 But the fact that SOME people don't, because it's President's Day,  is causing me A LOT of ill will and pretty much diminishing my abilitiy to "Make it a great day!" As my father's voicemail greeting insists.

 For instance, all of public academia, from kindergarten to grad school gets to sleep in today. And it's raining, so obviously sleeping is the desired level of consciousness. My own father, who RUNS an olive company (read: mob? jury's still out) GETS TODAY OFF WORK. That's corporate America, people, respecting the presidents.

So all this basic INJUSTICE at the inconsistency at which some of us are forced to tolerate a five day work-week, while some of us get to bask in a four, has got me to wondering.

What EXACTLY, are these slackers fortunate fools celebrating, exactly, that can't be celebrated from their desks, per usual?

 And this is what I found:

President's day is practically bullshit. We're celebrating the birthdays of George Washington and Abe Lincoln, both of whom are DEAD and neither of which were actually born on February 21st. You know what else? Those Kanucks up north decided they wanted a long weekend to break up February and now a handfull of their provinces are celebrating two of OUR FOUNDING FATHERS', or at the VERY least, EARLY LEADERS birthdays.............. AND I'M NOT.

(Thanks, Wikipedia for the 30 second synopsis!)

 I'm a basketcase of emotion right now.

 Which is why, I'm CELEBRATING A CANADIAN on this, America's "Presidents' Day."

 Thank you Canada, for piggy-backing on our holidays as an excuse to have a day off of work, during which I'm still forced to be here, in my cubicle, posing as efficient.

 But really, actually, thank you for this guy, because I'll be googling pictures of him all day and trying to figure out a way to phase out his wife.

 How's that for efficent?

Everyone, meet Patrick Sharp. The reason I forgive Canada for stealing an American holiday, I, an American, don't even get to celebrate.

XO Sare


  1. Hot Candian men are the reason I forgive Canada for anything. I can totally get behind the movement that is Patrick Sharp Day (yum). I'm thinking since Canada is also knocking off thanksgiving (their lesser version is 2nd Mon in Oct) that we should make that Ryan Gosling Day. Thank you indeed Canada.

  2. Also, spelling is not a strength of mine

  3. Did you know Ryan Gosling is also in a band? WHEN DOES HE FIND THE TIME?!