Tuesday, December 20, 2011

family tradition.

My family has many very weird and borderline awkward traditions that, at this point, are absolutely crucial to life running smoothly. Like, some people having very specific coffee cups. And our parents always deliver really bad news in sketchy McDonald's. It's like "Count your blessings, at least your life isn't as bad as most of the other patrons here." Tactical strategy. Although now the golden arches kind of set me into panic sweats. Except when the fries are really hot, because DAMN, are they delicious.

In my opinion these family quirks are really the most pronounced during this, the most wonderful time of the year. Honestly, I wouldn't trade our weird and zany for caroling, trips to Steamboat or all the peppermint ice cream in the world.

Okay, maybe the ski trip, but since none are being offered that's not a decision I'll be forced to make. Unfortunately. Thankfully.

Whatever. So last Saturday we partook in my FAVORITE family Christmas tradition, the procuring of The Tree. This year Matt and Angelo, my sister's new husband, joined us for the first time. My dad gets all Clark Griswald up in the tree farm's biz, my mom makes copious amount of cocoa, and my brothers strive to every year choose a larger, more challenging tree to cart home. Heartwarming.

That's right, we rolled in a three vehicle caravan to murder us some Christmas trees.

Ok, murder probably isn't the right word. It's honest to god a pretty heartwarming tradition that I get schoolgirl gleeful about, but I do sort of have a guilt complex about chopping down trees for sport, only to discard them like three weeks later like garbage.

Que sera sera.

yes. a trailer is required. this is about to get REAL.

Just know I feel guilty about what you're about to see.

But not guilty enough to stop doing it once a year. For the duration.

Okay cool.

Also, nothing is in order. I tried, and then I got frustrated and gave up. Sue me.
the brothers decided on this tree early, but we still walked around the entire farm three times.

matt murdering preparing our tree to ride home with us.

this is just sad. that tree was probably older than I am.

matt and I dragging our tree to the car. a true bonding experience.
yep. that's in my parent's home now.

victory was ours.

wandering through fields of pine and chopping down trees can be exhausting.

i promse we didn't let him ride all the way home in the trailer. although my parents have grown a little lax when it comes to safety, in my opinon.

hot cocoa from the kitchen of mama drake.

newlyweds. they must still be in honeymoon phase because they didn't argue about which tree they wanted NEARLY as much as matt and me.

he's probably trying to see the top of the tree my dad and brothers are about to chop down. it was that tall.

my mom assisting on the carry on account of my sister being in the family way and all.
we found one that we thought was prickly enough to deter our dog monster.

we love each other sometimes.

yeah mom and dad, this 16 footer is totally the one.

moms and pops debating about whether or not this tree will actually fit in the foyer.

guys doing manly things.

the ten year old gets some saw action.

sis and brother in law christening their first tree.

errrrrrrbody getting in on this one.
nice clean cut matt, no one would know you've had fake trees your whole life.

the bounty has been secured. my dad looks a bit smug about it if you ask me.

too bad there's no shots of my climbing on top of my car to secure our tree. it stayed on... pretty well.

being the artist I was born to be.
hally already chewed the outlet plug-in off of the light cord. Merry Christmas.

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