Tuesday, December 13, 2011

to come.

Yesterday was, hands down, the most anxiety ridden day of my life. Which was then remedied with a bourbon cocktail strong enough to raise the dead and a VERY long shower.

And that is why I haven't yet posted my exciting Saturday adventure explaining how I got into the spirit of the upcoming holiday..... Christmas.

But let it be known, such a story is coming.

As are pictures of Montana.

And other ridiculousness.

Hold tight! I will not let you down!

Until then behold the shoes I spray painted for this weekend's coming wedding at my beloved Alma mater, thus marking the end of wedding season and (hopefully) my last bridesmaid post for a long while.

Behold my dancing shoes:

This pair of heels I've had FOREVER and they were at the very end of their life due to scuffs, but behold, they've been revived!

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