Friday, March 30, 2012


I have a niece now.
And she's beautiful and perfect and my sister doing great as well. Florence, my niece, weighed almost ten pounds, so if you think about it, my sister accomplished a pretty impressive feat in growing and delivering such a pudgy little bundle of life. We all love her, which is a given, and we all want to hold and talk to her practically every waking moment. So basically, baby Florence is a hot commodity.
They're due to be able to go home tonight, and I think everyone is really ready for that.
I'll probably be darkening my sister's doorstep frequently enough that I just miss the 'worn out my welcome' mark until I make my departure for the west.
Family will be swarming in the next few weeks like paparazzi to catch a glimpse of our newest addition, which will be equal parts lovely and overwhelming for the new family of three, I'm sure.
But you know, in my constantly clicking, worrying, fretting, half-crazy mind, this all has been a best-case-scenario situation.
Welcome baby Florence, I know you'll bring with you the prosperity your name promises. 

Love, Aunt Sara

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