Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the long and short of it.

Let me start this post off by saying sorry that I'm about to be waaaaaay more self indulgent than usual.


Because this happened, minus actually getting rid of any of my clothes. But believe you me, a mass clothes purging will occur before I leave for Montana on August 1st. Yup. The date is set, giddythefuckup.

But we're not talking about big plans and 'eff yeahs!' right now.

We're talking about how ridiculous cutting off all of your hair to make yourself feel better actually is.

Let's take a few steps down memory lane. Hy hair's memory lane

Just playing a little table golf and throwing back some shots whilst having and AWESOME pony tail day.

No idea when this was taken, but HOT DAMN. I must have been really bored at work. I'm actually kind of embarrassed that I even have a picture like this on my phone, but LOOK AT MY HAIR, how can I possibly NOT post this? It almost makes up for the fact that I'd obviously blown off makeup that day.

Debatng a center part. Documenting my outfit. Contemplating bangs. No big. Just a usual day.

In December, at a friends wedding. MY HAIR LOVED TO PARTY. RIP party hair.  

This is what happens when I make decisions wihle semi-manic.

I have to take emo angle pics for it to not look terrible.

And my pony tail now looks like a baby turd or something. It's teeny. And it's got to be a low pony because other wise shit falls apart. So. This will be the last time I complain about it, but just know, I don't count this as one of my wiser decisions.

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  1. I enjoy your blog. I found it because we both like Deer Tick. I read it because we both like bourbon and day drinking. I'm commenting because I too cut off a bunch of hair at random because I was feeling that perhaps it would make me feel....something, I'm not sure what. It didn't. I'm sorry you had that happen to you too. It'll be back. Cheers.