Monday, April 16, 2012

time for a photo dump. you're welcome.

I'm wounded. And by wounded I mean branded, because at 25 my friends and I STILL apparently think that's a good idea after like three glasses of wine.
Here is Easter Mass with my family. My dad insisted on holding the baby. Lucky I was seated right next to him, so I was blissfilly occupied tickling feet and holding hands with Florence. My parents are cute.
My brothers are also really into Florence, even when she's sleeping. It's really adorable.

I made Matt hold the baby since she was changing hands like a hot potato. He is particularly nervous about 'the transition,' but once the baby is safely transferred into his arms, he's a natural.

Pre-branding. Just an innocent night with the gals. Before it turned into an after school special/Smokey the Bear public service anouncement.
My parents are in Hawaii this week, so I'm watching the dog. He's clearly distraught over their absense.
I would have put like 200 more pictures of Florence in this post because she's my neice, so she's automatically the cutest baby ever born, but I'll spare you for now.
See, here we are hanging out. GIRL TIME.
I bought her those choice shades. She's already so fashion forward.
Matt bought me a gun recently because he knows me well. Soon after, we went to test her out and it was thrilling. I can't believe I've lived all this time without a rifle.

This is from Florence's first photoshoot. She was three days old. She's so much more photogenic than I am. I think she gets her strong interest in feminism from me and her mom. Buckle up, little one. This lovely snapshot is thanks to this talented lady: source

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  1. Branded, as in branded with FIRE? Please explain. Also, that is the cutest child ever. I want to hold her and she's not even MY niece!