Friday, July 12, 2013

girl gone bad. part 2: a half-assed conclusion.

I know I have a part two to write regarding my run-in with the law, but let's face it, I'm not always good with finishing things. The long and the short of it is basically that the judge joked around with me, gave me the smallest fine possible, and told me that I can get the speeding ticket taken off of my record all together in December because I seem like a good driver and 'We don't like to treat all drivers the same.' Which seems a tad strange (racist/unfair), but I'm not complaining because it has benefited me in this instance even though the woman in front of me in line had pretty much the same issue and she got the fuck fined right out of her. That doesn't sound right. She had to pay a lot of money. Also, the judge just glanced at my insurance card and was all "This really isn't legit, but I am just going to believe you that you have insurance because you seem like you have it together.'

Ha, sucker.
Aaaaaaanywho. I call my dad afterward and I'm like "Dad, I need to have the insurance people send me a better card, they told me my shit wasn't valid.' And then I'm like, 'Did you renew my policy? They haven't done that direct debit thingy for my payment for a couple of months.'
Turns out he DIDN'T renew my policy because I'm almost 27 years old and I need to learn how to handle my own shit.

So I actually don't even have insurance.
But the judge just BELIEVED me that I did.
So, I'm basically above the law.
Not really.
But kinda.
I was going to write something else, but that took a turn and got strangely longer than I anticipated.

So that's it. Bye bye.

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