Tuesday, May 10, 2011

driving home.

Sometimes it's necessary to drive practically bludgeon your way ahead of all the other cars to get home as quickly as possible after work. Or, if you're me, you do that every single day, regardless of any real urgency to get home.  This ordeal makes relaxing upon arrival a long and somewhat arduous task, because I key myself up to the point of actually flipping out over someone failing to signal when changing lanes.

I mean, I really, really hate it when people don't use their turn signal. It's DEFINITELY one of the top five things that get under my skin- and to be completely honest, probably one of the least shallow.

I'm not always so rage-filled and anxiety-ridden in the car. I'll never pretend to be an above-average driver, but I can at least say with confidence that the vast majority of the time that I find myself behind the wheel, I'm not an asshole.

But when I'm coming home from work, a time that should be spent unwinding and getting all the clutter of my workday out of my mind so that I can arrive home relaxed to enjoy the people and things in my life with whom I actually get to choose to spend my free time.
Not so much.

You see, I usually arrive home in a mental state that can similarly be depicted by this google image find:

Right, looking like a total babe.


not *exactly* the 'look' i'm going for these days. sorry, brit.

But seriously, I need to chill out. I've been really thinking about the things that I let get me all worked up and bent out of shape lately that are NOT WORTH IT- And my commute is one of those things. It sets the tone for my day and it sets the tone for my night.

So, I'm not really sure how this goes, but I've got the goal at hand:

Seriously chill out during my hellish commute time so that I don't feel the compulsion to chug an entire of Pinot Greege as soon as I collapse into the door.

Wooooo, red. Feisty, I like it.

Relaxing music? A more scenic route? A repeated/chanted mantra? All probably very likely. Since  I don't smoke anymore, and drinking wine and driving is frowned upon in modern society, I've got to find some other way to relax while driving to and from work.  

You know, enjoying the ride and all that uplifting crap.

I honest-to-god believe that this one little improvement in my life will make me a much happier and altogether more enjoyable person to be around. AHHHH, growth. So, tonight on my drive home I not let myself fuss and fight with the other drivers. I will instead send peaceful vibes into the Universe and sing along to my music and realize that my home will still be there, even if it takes me two minutes longer than usual to make it to the little cement patch my car calls home. I can chill; I can be cool as a motherfucking cucumber.

Unless someone makes the crucial mistake of failing to signal, that's one thing that will take a lot of practice to forgive.

I'm just hoping that one day I won't have to get behind the wheel AT ALL to get to work- until then, just stay out of my way.

XO Sare


  1. oh my god good luck. i have chronic road rage. it's not our fault though, if morons learned how to drive then ALL of our commutes would be pleasant ones. SIGH- in a perfect world...

  2. My commute just doubled and seriously I think I might be joining you in the road rager club. Like, maybe we could just tell ourselves that we don't have anywhere we absolutely have to be and it is more important to get home safely or whatever but THER ARE SO MANY ANNOYING PEOPLE ON THE ROAD AND I WANT TO BE ON MY COUCH WEARING SWEATPANTS.