Thursday, October 27, 2011

breaking news in the candy world

 Did you know they make packs of Starbursts that only have the red/pink flavors these days?

I didn't, because I haven't had a Starburst in like a million years practically, or since the days of raiding the vending machines before boarding the bus home from middle school. Let's just say that drought has officially ended. With an entire package of the best of the Starburst flavors.

They're called FaveReds. Get it? Because EVERYONE'S favorite Starburst was the red and pink kind.

This is GENIUS.

Wanna see what the flavor order looks like? I know you do.


I haven't felt so drawn toward candy in YEARS.

Naturally, this discovery is just in time for Halloween, the day of the year that excuses copious amounts of candy and sugar consumption as 'in the spirit of the festivities.' I'll be exercising the shit out of my right this holiday.

I'll be on a sugar high until further notice.


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