Monday, February 20, 2012

i've created a monster.

For Christmas this year, I got Matt beer brewing supplies. Kits, tubes, a huge glass jug, a plastic bucket, a book and beer making ingredients among the rest of the stuff that came with it.

We both like beer, we both drink beer, we've been really into micro brews for the past year or two, so why wouldn't he enjoy the creation stage? I totally psyched myself up while I was making the purchases.

In all reality, it was kind of a wild-card gift. I wasn't 100% sure how he'd take to it, and even as he opened the boxes, I felt a little nervous. Beer brewing is very involved, it takes a lot of research and the brewer has to be very meticulous with cleaning every instrument, watching temperature, measuring, etc. It's hard work. Basically all the stuff I pay to no attention to in my own daily free time.
Anyway, I was a little nervous. Especially since Matt is like the #1 world's best gift giver. For instance, for Valentines Day he gave me a first edition of my favorite book, Tom Robbins' Jitterbug Perfume. WHO DOES THAT?! He knows me so well it's astounding at times.

So he opened the box on Christmas and seemed happy enough. And then the box sat in the middle of our bedroom floor for almost a month completely forgotten. And I grew a little more nervous.

I shouldn't have been.

Matt has become a brewer obsessed, and I say that in the nicest, most loving way possible, since I'll be reaping the benefits of his labor.

Since he's started this little hobby, it's beer all the time. We've gone to various home-brew stores, I catch him on beer forums, and he's constantly writing up word documents with his latest and greatest ideas for the next batch.

He's got three different kinds of beer going right now and one ready to drink. This weekend we bottled the second batch of beer. We stamped the cap on like 30 more beers. It's a really intense process.

So basically, we're up to our ears in beer.

Like, lots and lots and lots of beers. And he's already talking about what he's going to make for the summer!

WE HARDLY EVEN DRINK DURING THE WEEK. And by we I mean him. And usually me.

Basically, what I'm say here is that beer has overtaken my boyfriend. And not even because he's drinking too much of it.... but because he's really into the science of it.

Nerd Alert.
this would be Matt, pouring our very first bottle of beer into glasses for a trial. (it was actually pretty good)

So yeah, I've created a monster.


  1. The Mister just started brewing his own beer. We got him a Mr. Beer kit a couple of months ago and then he just bought another because he liked it so much. Men and their beer.

  2. Isn't it funny? He's like a mad scientist with it!