Monday, June 18, 2012

the love brew.

This weekend I spent as much time as possible at the park reading my book, per usual. I'm addicted to this series about Scottish warriors right now, which sounds really dorky, but holy hells these guys were total badasses. These books are about 1000 pages each and I'm about to finish book five out out eight, so it looks like Matt's in for another week of me disappearing into the pages every time he takes his eyes off of my for me a second. He thinks I read too much. I say there are far worse habits, like cocaine and hookers.

Anyway I read a lot and swam in the lake three days in a row (!!!) and also did Father's Day things like ate a lot of Roast Beef, and also Matt the master brewer let me assist him in making a batch of home brew.

This is big time, guys. I'm calling it our love brew since he's letting me take half to Montana when I leave. How romantic, right? Considering my affinity for alcohol, I'll take it as a grand gesture. Funny that the one of us that doesn't really drink is the one who spends countless hours researching and concoting new and exotic beers. At least I get to reap the benefits, as the test panel, of course.

Matt's pouring the flavoring/grains/I don't know the techincal term. It's going to be a coffee stout.. YUM.

I'm adding hops. I did a lot of pouring in ingredients and mostly Matt did everything else... but at least I helped?

Making beer meant a lot of sitting around and drinking beer for me. We had to let this boil for an hour.

After we were done making the beer we went to Dairy Queen and my ankle gave out in the parking lot, so of course I fell, sprawling out, on my ass in front of practically the entire town on a Saturday night. I had a melt down when we got back to the car. It was very intense. And then eventually I got over it, drank a beer, and went to bed. I probably got a little too much sun.

Due to Father's Day festivities I got to hang out with my main girl, Florence. I actually held for her probably twenty minutes combined this weekend without her crying. This is a new record, she mostly only likes her mom. Psh. This chub-a-lub will be three months old on Wednesday and she already weighs fifteen pounds... I'm led to believe that's the baby equivalent of the heavy weight title. Good girl.

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