Tuesday, June 5, 2012

sibling saturday.

While my parents gallivanted off to Michigan for the weekend, we had an impromptu sibling bonding day on Saturday. Somehow we all managed to make it to our youngest brother Charlie's first game in the soccer tournament he was in. The forces of the Universe were with us on this one.  Plus they won, which was a bonus.

T'was a good day for a soccer game. Charlie's in the blue, ready to hustle.  

My sister brought her babe. As her only aunt, I feel it my duty to paparazzi her constantly.

After the game we gathered at my sister's for a cook out.

I bet my parents are wondering why we choose to spend time together now when they couldn't have paid us to be in the same room together only a few short years ago?


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  1. Dude, totally feel ya on the niece thing. SO weird, I basically said the same thing in my blog! I mean, who cares if they grow up with a fear of cameras? I got my pictures and that's all that matters, ok.

    She's beautifullll!!!