Wednesday, August 27, 2014

this would be easier if i hated my job.

I really have to pee right now but I can't leave my post at the desk right now because I'm the only person watching the phones in the office. Which, I've had at least two diet cokes, two cups of green tea, and two water bottles full of water, so I'm pretty full to bursting. In an effort to distract myself, I'm clicking away on these keys.
Here's some news, I got a job as a therapist! Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, but honestly, I kind of am. I didn't really try that hard and I only had two interviews total before I was offered a job. Baller status, right? My friends hate it when I call things 'baller,' because it's really douchy, but I haven't completely worked it out of my system quite yet. I probably shouldn't post too many details about the job on here, but I'll be working with severely emotionally disturbed children, ages 5-12ish. I'm kind of scared because I don't have a ton (read: none) of therapeutic experience with children of this age group, but we're going to make it happen. I'm going to make it happen.
Getting a new job means a lot of really good things, like a lot more money and getting hours toward my LCPC licensure, but it also means some pretty sad things. The saddest of all being that I have to leave my current job. You guys, I've honestly never had a job that I enjoyed going to so much before in my life. I don't know why it is, really, because it's not really anything special. Just an office job in the food industry like I've had before, there's no reason that I should feel anything other than joy to actually enter my chosen field of vocation, which I should mention, I've sunk myself under a mountain of debt to pursue.
But there's something, I don't know, keeping my from being truly happy about the transition. I really think it's because I just enjoy spending time here. I like interacting with the customers and I love bantering with my coworkers. My boss has been totally flexible with my very part time schedule over the last year and a half and then let my transition to full time as soon as I graduated with my Masters this summer. These people that I see every day now, they're my friends. I spend more time with them than anyone else and I truly enjoy it.
This past weekend, my boss, who owns the company I work for, came to my house and helped me move all my furniture to my new place. OUT OF THE KINDNESS OF HIS HEART. Who helps people move? Even BEST FRIENDS sometimes don't help you move, because moving is THE WORST. I've found a good tribe, and
My point is that these are good people and I'm really sad to leave them and also sad that I'm going to miss the every day stuff and not get the jokes anymore. And more than that, I'm scared that I'm going to lose them as friends.

And it breaks my heart a little.

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  1. I left a job that I really loved to get a job in the field that I studied, too, and it was hard. I cried like a maniac when I put in my notice. I still miss working there and I suspect that I won't like working anywhere as much as I liked working there but... you know the right thing. You could stay there if it was the right thing but it isn't and true friends stay your friend and this you can do, I am sure of it.