Thursday, January 28, 2016

sore muscles

As you may have seen, one of my new years resolutions this year is to find better ways to occupy my time. 

You see, I fell into this pattern where I actually had too much time on my hands. Like, it felt like a struggle to fill up my days and like it took too much energy to do anything other than the Netflix binge I was going on- nearly every day after work. 

Yes, I said that I actually have too much time. 

This doesn't seem to be a common problem for a lot of people I know. However, I am fortunate to work from 8-3:30 during the week, except Thursdays when I get to leave at like 2:30. 

Oodles. Of. Free. Time.

Previously, being totally wasted.

BUT, I think I'm making a little headway. 

Every Wednesday I have American Sign Language for two hours in the evening, now. It feels really great to be learning something new again. It's fun. Working a muscle that I haven't utilized in a while. Learning for the sake of enjoying the taking in of knowledge. Plus I get to make some really dramatic gestures and facial expressions. 

Also, I joined a gym about a week ago, which you may have learned from my group exercise post. I'm spending a fair amount of time on the treadmill, which means I get to stock up on alone time, but also feel the burn. And many, many parts of my body are in pain right now. But it's the good kind, so I'll take it. 

And, I'm writing again. It's hard, it's miserable, and another one of those waking-up-an-underused-muscle metaphors would definitely fit. I'm still hating everything that I write. I know that it's not funny and most of it rings a little more on the stale than inspired side, but I'm trying, and that's something. 

I keep telling myself, I have to start somewhere.  

So, all of my muscles, mind, body, spirit, they're a little sore, but that means they're being used again, and that's a start. 

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