Thursday, September 15, 2011

every little thing

I've been pretty much repeating the mantra "Every little thing is going to be all right" on a loop lately.

Partially because it's true and partially because I freak out a lot.

This week even minor things have been coming dangerously close to making me howl like a banshee and/or put innocent bystanders in mild to moderate danger.

Every little thing is going to be all right.


...My hair desperately needing to be cut. Desperately. Sorry strands, not in the budget this month, stop splitting yourselves. Seriously. Not funny.

...Is that a piece of popcorn kernel or an infectious tumor under my tonsil? For the last three days. Poking my esophageal cavity every time I swallow or move. Just kill me.

...Two terrible mornings in a row. I mean running out the door with no shoes on because I'm late and then realizing it and having to go back in to find shoes and not being able to find me keys. Just, GAHHH.

...Trying to coordinate a bachelorette party for a lovely friend and only hearing back from one other member of the bridal party. OMG it's in less than a month. COME ON.

...Is that pair of pants TIGHTER than usual? Oh holy holy lord, please don't let it be so.

...Yup, they're definitely tighter. Time to go running... OH MY GOD THIS IS TERRIBLE.

...That shirt I need to wear to my mentoring session today so the school knows I'm legit? Yeah, it's nowhere to be found, and it's wrinkly wherever I'm not finding it.  Fuck.

...I think I'll commiserate over my trivial problems with one of my gal pals. OH WAIT, there's only one left in town. Vacation? I LOVE VACATIONS. *&#(*#$ When did travel to remote parts of the country and world get so expensive?!

Every LITTLE thing is going to be all right.

And they're ALL little things, in the grand scheme.

So I guess that means I'm a pretty lucky girl.

Maybe that should be my new mantra.

Xo Sare

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