Monday, September 19, 2011

four eyes.

I've been rolling sans glasses since I lost them in my move/on a camping trip. In June.

Needless to say, I was down to A SINGLE contact, and my eyes are different prescriptions.

It's a damn good thing I went to the eye doctor on Saturday.  


I've been browsing various glasses to see what I should order. Which I'll definitely be ordering from a glasses website because I'm always losing the damn things and I need something cheap enough to spring for a couple of pairs. Everyone in my family has glasses except my youngest brother, who is ten. OH WAIT, also except my diabetes brother, because apparently the diabetes miraculously cured his nearsightedness.


In an attempt to figure out what kind of frames to buy for myself this time around, I went on a search of the internet to find pictures of myself sporting glasses.

There aren't many, because I actually don't think I look very sexyyyyyyyy with four eyes.

Below is the best of what facebook had to offer:

hanging on a play ground with my besties at age 22. kids at heart.
the glee is genuine, so is the sledgehammer.
look thrilled and undergroomed, per usual.
i'm basically oozing sex appeal.
does every gal go through the kissy-face photo phase? I hope so.
ice means double the alcohol. this was actually my very last underage drink.

That purse is reaaaaaaaaally embarrassing. More than the glasses.

...upon reflection, perhaps it's not the glasses' fault that I don't look attractive while wearing them. 

Xo Sare

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  1. I like them! But I feel like a huge meganerd when I wear mine, so I sympathize.