Wednesday, September 21, 2011

quality time.

Wooooohoooooooo we're midway through the week, and although it is my greatest hope in this godforsaken life that I will ultimately end up in a field that doesn't force me to remain an embittered weekday commuter and weekend warrior- that is not my reality at the moment. So, I am thrilled that we've passed the halfway point of the work week so that the glorious weekend is closer to us than further away.
Not that I've been using my free time during the week wisely, or anything. Okay maybe a little wisely, because I've been reading almost constantly.
This week I'm powering through a 700 page book by Tom Wolfe called I am Charlotte Simmons as fast as I can, which is never fast enough. It's a lovely book, and well-written- the characters sort of dance around each other until they finally collide and fall apart again, and I am actually resonating with it quite a bit as well as reminiscing my own hellish first quarter at college. I mean, maybe not hellish, but not as awesome as I built it up to be in my 18 year old mind, either.
I'm more than halfway through and although I've spent the better part of all of free time this week (meaning the past two nights), with my nose in said book, I have my sights on spending this evening that way as well.
However I have a little confession.
I already know what happens.
Surely I'm not psychic?!
I would DARE read the final pages first?!!!!
No, I'm afraid it's worse. I have no willpower. I cannot make more time in the day to devote to reading, as much as I wish I could.
So I wiki-ed.
I'm actually really embarrassed about it. I'm ALWAYS tempted to find out what happens when I get wrapped up in books. Even afterward, I almost always research that author- find out where they were born, what their parents did for a living, when they lost their first tooth... you know all the token stalker basics. I just NEED to know what was going on that they were able to create the characters that they did. I get really wrapped up in it and maybe it's a personality flaw or maybe I just have seriously codepedency issues with books and the characters in them.
And I'm such a fast and nerdy reader that I usually just race through books before my feeble willpower gives in to insatiable curiosity about what's going to happen to my beloved characters and new friends.
But not this time... this time, I peeked.
And now all I want to do is sit uninterrupted and finish the damn book. Hopefully, tonight will be the night. At the park. On a blanket. As the sun sets. With snacks.
XO Sare

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  1. Love that book. I love all books that deal with preppy privileged kids. Like "Prep", soooo good read immediately if you haven't already. Or "Freedom," also amazing. You are welcome for the unsolicited book recs.