Thursday, September 8, 2011

weather woes

I've been very reflective lately, which comes as no surprise to me because it happens every year when my body begins to sense that Summer is coming to an end.

In a way, it's a relief. The mornings a little crisper, there's college football, orchard trips and lovely red and orange and yellow landscapes. Autummn is beautiful in the Midwest, especially where I live, which is a little bit Country AND a little bit Rock N Roll. There are bonfires to be had, pumpkins to carve, layers to pile upon.

And Lord do I love a good pair of boots.

Mostly, though- I fight tooth and nail to keep summer going. I'll wear flip flops so long the ends of my toes will start to frost bite. I'll keep my windows down as long as I can, insist on spending every spare moment outdoors.

Summer is the answer to everything that ails me, it makes me feel more free, relaxed, better. With the start of fall I can feel myself winding back up.

The days are getting shorter, less sunlight steeps into my window every morning as I crawl out of bed. Soon I'll be driving to work under a blanket of darkness and getting home as the sun begins to set.

Winter is the hardest on me, and I can feel myself tense up at just the mention of it. It winds me tight and holds me down with its short short days and throws in my face the death portion in the circle of life.

I generally think people that complain about the weather are the worst kind of people; boring, dull, lamenting the most amazing display the earth has to offer us, one that can never be manipulated by all our technology and money.

You can't pay to insure it won't rain on your wedding day.

And now I'm one of those people.


XO Sare

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  1. I feel ya. I love fall, but I always freak out over the inevitability of winter coming.

    Wear your flip flops while you still can, and if you need comforting thoughts when it starts to get cold, just picture your hot boots :)