Thursday, June 2, 2011

junk ima liking

Boom, change up.

I'm not really feeling a cohesive entry slash narrative today. Instead, I'm going to provide you with a vaguely comical  list of stuff that's keeping my whole cheery disposition situation sustained, you know, sunny side of the street and all that.


Smelling like mint:

I'll make ya smell like the mint. yummmmmy.

I have no idea what is with me lately, but ever since I started using this stuff on my hair I've been obsessed with smelling like mint. It's just fresh, you know? If I catch a whiff of myself during the day (and if I'm actually wearing clean and laundered clothing at the time) and it's minty, I just can't help breathing in through my nose and sort of lifting my shoulders as it fills my lungs, it's a whole body movement. Especially in the summer months when everything is a little sticky, it's like a little arctic puff of refreshment. Thank G.

 This seemingly adult lip adornment:

Remember how I was talking about being too immature to figure out lipstick? It pretty much spurred an obsessive compulsive episode in which I searched high and low for a lip product that makes me look and feel like I can pull off lipstick like real adult women- Since lipstick seemingly hasn't waned in popularity and I'm probably getting too old to carry around a tube of lipsmackers and call it good. (Don't worry Dr. Pepper LipSmackers, I'll never truly desert you.) Well, I FINALLY found this. It's basically perfect, I get to feel all mature-like because my lips are reddish and shiny and stuff, and more importantly, my lips don't send mean, dissenting letters through my brain waves because they're dry like the desert from the chalk-shit I just smothered them in. Win-win!

actual hue I personally slide on my kisser. sassy, no?

 Crack chips:

Sweet bajeezus. Have you tried these? If you haven't, I honestly don't know whether to tell you that you should delve into this world of addiction and need or that you shouldn't and thus condemn yourself to a life without a taste of pure chip-heroin.

I just can't stop consuming these. That's all.

I WILL ruin you for every other chip- past, present, or future.

Doing my run at night:

I have been love love loving night runs lately. Damn it, now all I can think about is Night Moves. Shit, Seger, man. Boss. But seriously, I'm making some major night moves these days.

I don't know what it is, but when it's warm during the day and it cools off at night, I just really feel it. I run faster, I actually enjoy the act of running for longer, and I'm waaaaaaaaay less distracted with sensory overload, so I actually get some decent though-streams flowing. It's wonderful.

I may tryyyyyyyyy to start running pre-work in the mornings, but I'm probably kidding myself. I just like the idea of sucking back a few brewskis on an outdoor patio after work and not worrying about drunkenly twisting my ankle two miles away from home in the dark.

Could be an adventure, though.

Probably not a fun one.

 Being hot:

I'm not talking about my appearance here. I'm talking about Summer, y'all. I'm so in love with it that, if it were legal and Summer asked my dad permission first, I would actually engage in nuptials with it.


I get so bored with people who are all blahblahblahblabhblahcomplainabouttheweatherdayinanddayoutnomatterwhati'mnotsatisfied.

Get the fuck over yourself.

I personally don't care for being cold, but I've learned how to survive because the Midwest is my home. Boohoo, I'm not going to cry about it.


Oh, and on behalf of Summer I'd just like to say YOU'RE WELCOME for the days lasting longer, asshole.

Finding fun shit on my computer that allows me to entertain myself::

Last night I arrived after work to an empty house and something very dangerous happened. I opened Photobooth on my Macbook for the initial time in many moons and I, like a virgin, tinkered around with the video recording device for the very first time.

Other than getting pissed at myself for constantly looking at myself and not the actual camera mechanism when I was talking, this feature and I got on swimmingly.

 To the point where I was pretending to be drunk while trying on my sister's things and holding confessionals about the time I got broken up with via text message TWICE by the SAME GUY.

For the record, we're talking long-term, abundant with the capital L emotional three word displays, and numerous occasions of familial contact with each other's relatives. In fact, I was actually living with his sister the second time.

Not really important, but maybe I can humor that up and make it a story for another day.

We'll see.
 I had an absolute ball with myself.

Getting emails containing this kind of content during the two o'clock lag at work:

This little pick-me-up came from my friend Erin just in the nick of time earlier:

'yesterday i worked a little after 5 then pulled some maniacal move-making trying to get to chase before 6 so i could finally resolve my lack-o-debit card issue. i also got my auto loan to be directly taken out or whatever AND found out if i didn't have a consistent month-to-month direct deposit of $500 or more, i would be CHARGED to bank with chase. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ABOUT?! apparently the whole world has always known about this but there is NO FUCKING WAY i would everrrrrrr bank with a bank that charged me JUST to keep my fucking money there. PLEASE, YOU ARE USING MY MONEY EVERRRRYYYDAYYYY TO GIVE OUT TO SCHMUCKS WHO WANT CARS AND HOMES. YOU'RE WELCOME! assholes. i hate chase, and really any financial institution that's making money off of money. YOU ARE NOT ORIGINAL! MAKING MONEY OFF OF OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY IS THE EPITOME OF GREED. HAVE FUN IN HELL, BITCHES!

ugh, chase just bothers me in a non-logical way. much the same way republicans and small children with big mouths do."


This is the kind of entertainment that I'm fed on the DAILY from her. I just really appreciate a little well-placed rage.

 This band covering Modest Mouse:

Iron Horse. If you like freedom, think puppies are cute, and think splinters SUCK, then you'll probably definitely love this band. I recommend their cover of Trailer Trash to start. It's perfect. Just like your mom.

They make my ears so happy that I'm not deaf.

Happy Happy Thursday and all that.

Xo Sare

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