Friday, May 25, 2012

coping and moping.

Most of my social interactions revolve around me:
1. Hastily building a facade of calm so that I don't look like a total spaz.
2. Failing immediately at that venture.
3. Asking about a million questions to take the pressure off of myself.
(4) And/or drinking quite a lot and hastily skipping from topic to topic with much passion and enthusiastic hand gestures for each, albeit fleetingly, as I no longer have any semblance of an attention span.
Which is probably why sitting on my front porch yesterday evening, after the horrifying debacle of losing quite a bit of my current writing, with a novel whilst (on an empty stomach, of course) consuming approximately eight cans of leftover cheap beer from my recent camping weekend was, basically, a perfect night.
Until Matt got home from working a very long day around 7:45 to find me quite drunk and not at all packed for the weekend away we're departing on in approximately three hours. Two of which will be spent at my desk, at work.
God love him.

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