Thursday, May 3, 2012

the daily gchat: on running out of gas while going 75 mph

 Jessica:  hahahahahha
i like your attitude today
it's good
 me:  yeah, i'm feeling pretty over everything
and really blase if we're being honest
 Jessica:  hah yeah i can sense it
no worries
so you're taking tomorrow off at least?
or heading out after work?
 me:  half daze
oh so get this shit
i'm driving home from work
like normal
and all of the sudden my car shuts down
in the far left lane of 465
so i'm coasting
and trying to get over
and people are honking and shit
and i'm like, sorry guys, my car's being a horrendous bitch
 Jessica:  oh my god
that' so scary!
 me:  and signalling the universal i don't know shoulder shrug
 Jessica:  hahahahhah
 me:  it was terrifying
so i get all the way over
and it's decided that i ran out of gas
 Jessica:  oh shit
 me:  because i'm on the phone with matt
even though my gas light ALWAYS comes on
and this time it didn't
so i had no idea
anyway matt's at home so he leaves to get a gas can and come help me
which i'm aware is going to take 40 plus minutes
so naturally i'm grateful that i got all the way to the side of the road
plus it's hot as BALLS
 Jessica:  oh god this is getting worse
 me:  so I roll down the windows on the passengar side and pull out my book and get to reading
since i've got some time.
i've got my hazards on, i'm not trying to watching traffic flying at me from behind
so like 25 minutes in
i'm offically engrossed with my book
typical sara
 Jessica:  typical haha
 me:  and all sudden something shifts in my periphery
and a cop is standing RIGHT THERE at my window. and i have no idea how long
 he been there creepily spying on me
 Jessica:  hahahhahaha
 me:  it scared the piss out of me
and i think he felt bad
 Jessica:  why didn't he knock?
 me:  slash was kind of like 'what the hell?'
 Jessica:  haha yeah probably
 me:  'he didn't want to startle me'
but um, he did anyway
so i explain my situation
and how matt is on his way
and whatnot
probably seeming just a blase as i am right now
because i'm fine, obviously
and help is on the way
there was a weird vibe
i mean i feel like there's always a vaguely suspicious vibe whenever i encounter law enforcement
i must look guilty or something
so he sat behind me with his lights on until matt got here
and then pulled away right when we did
 Jessica:  that is so weird
what a gentlemen?
that's sketchy about your light not coming on
 me:  yeah i'm pretty pissed about that
i've never run out of gas before
but i mean
i tempt fate with that allllllllll the time
so i was kind of overdue i guess
 Jessica:  haha you and me both
but god that's wild
the car just shuts off
i always wondered what happens
just dunzo
no more driving for you
it's like a big fuck you
 me:  yeah
i mean
no accelerating
i was like SHIT
i'm slowing down
no matter what i do, i'm slowing down
pretty bad stuff
def don't recommend

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