Tuesday, May 22, 2012

happy place.

Well, the weather is growing more conducive to my ideal state of peacefully coexisting with the planet by the day, which usually means a lot more celebratory bourbon in my belly, but this year has actually meant more evenings spent reading at the park and the 2012 inaugural canoe trip. 8 miles on Friday and 13 on Saturday. The picture below might actually be the only time Erin picked up her paddle the entire weekend, because it was posed and I made her.

This is mostly because I become a powerhungry, bossy, asshole as soon as I hit the water. I can't help that I'm a canoing all star. At least Erin doesn't seem to mind much.

This weekend was basically a blur of euphoria and sunshine.
For the third summer summer in a row, Erin and I skipped work (requested off in advance) on Friday and made the two hour drive down the the river and surrounding forrest that houses some of the best, or at least most hilarious, moments in our entire friendship.

This thirty pack was approx $10.... I felt like a freshman in college again, except we didn't have Hamms there.

Every year we're better prepared. In fact, I even wore SPF 50 and remembered to pack a cutting board this weekend. I'm a regular girl scout these days.
Aside from an excuse not to bathe and a reason to wear my bathing suit for 48+ consecutive hours, our weekends on the river give us enough distance from our real lives to look at things from a different angle and bounce questions off of a ear willing to listen and help make sense of it all.
But really, my main goal was to get fried by the sun and float on the water. Check and check.

When we rolled up, my jeep packed to the gills on Friday around noon, we were informed we wouldn't be able to camp in our normal spot because there were scout troops coming in for the night. THE HUMANITY! We've camped in the same exact spot every single time we've ever gone down there. It just wouldn't do to have us move. We walk around the side of the office and peer down at our normal spot and it's not even mowed! The grass and weeds are waist high! I'm already higly paranoid and semi anxiety-ridden about ticks, and now this?!

Luckily, as the news is kicking in and Erin and I are looking at each other in confusion and horror, our friend Cody walks up and the two men step into the office and leave us standing there to be confused and panic some more. Plus maybe also to look at each other and start jumping up and down excitedly, at the good timing and all.  
Cody comes back out and and suggests we go ahead and get out on the water before we set up camp this time. and we'll figure it out when we get back.

He totally knows our spot. He wouldn't let us down.
We arrive back from our 8 mile paddle to a freshly mowed campsite and a pinic table and fire wood provded for us in our absense.
It pays to make friends with the owner's son.

Also, I got Erin to wear an Ohio State Snuggie, which is a major accomplishment, as all I ever hear out of her mouth is Boiler UP! Go Purdue!

Suck it, Purdue.

Until next time, Brookville.

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