Friday, May 11, 2012

my own personal rulebook.

Use your turn signal.
Always know what direction you're travelling, north, south, east, or west.
When wondering whether to talk or listen, listen.
Be kind to animals.
Do not collect people for novelty and entertainment, be a true friend.
Offer comfort.
If possible, walk.
Give it time.
But not too much time.
Talk it out.
Write it out.
Figure out how it REALLY makes you feel.
Be polite.
Don't pretend you understand something to save yourself from looking ignorant, ask.
Tell the truth.
Call your parents.
Know what you're truly afraid of. Push it, but respect it.
Indulge your impulses.
Tell people what you like about them.
Be on time.
Better yet, be early.
Offer to help, even when it's not apparent that help is needed.  
Play outside every chance you get.
Read everything you can.
Try to learn something.
Be generous with time to those that you love.
Don't complain.
Try it. Experience it. Learn from it.
Don't sleep in your contacts.
Stay away from reality tv. Even when you're hungover. Especially when hungover.
If it takes less than one minute, do it now. no matter how annoying.
Accept that you like to go to bed early and rise early. enjoy mornings.
Make time to spend alone.
Demand respect.
Be respectiful.
Remember birthdays and send cards.
Always have stamps handy.
Push yourself.
Do what you say you will.
Carry a small knife, a needle and thread, and mint gum always.
Back up from the mirror. At least 6 more inches.
Be mindful of body language, yours and those around you.
Put that in your calendar. NOW. Before you forget. You WILL forget.
Sing along loudly. Dance even more loudly.
When you're hungry, eat. Listen to your body.
Don't be embarrassed to say no to anything you feel may be harmful. Your risks are yours alone.
Stand up straight.
Strive. Always. Nurture that part of your person that is always hungry for more, bigger, better.

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