Thursday, May 24, 2012

i am in mourning.

Today, I decided that for once in my life, I would act like a responsible adult and organize my entire email account.
This, as would be the case with most people I know, is a huge undertaking. But to add to that magnitude of this project, let me mention that I also treat the draft function of my account as a place that I park ongoing writing projects so that I can update them whenever they need edits or I think of something to add- from anywhere. I also use this account as my diary/journal/emotional dump-all and primary means of communication with my best friend abroad.
So, we're talking thousands of things to organize. And I thought, 'What the hell, maybe I can knock this out in an afternoon."
Because I'm nothing if not overconfident about goals.
And you know what? Everything was going pretty damn well. For about two and a half hours. Because that's how long it look me to organize the inbox itself into various categories.
And then I was like. "Why don't you organize your drafts so you know where everything is?" Because what rational person wouldn't think that?
So I set off to do just that.
And I moved the first 50 to various folders and titled and dated them by when I started them. And then I clicked 'select all' and then I clicked 'discard,' because they're already obvious in their assigned folders, why would I need a copy in a draft section too? I could clean out my drafts! Everything would have a place and not have to hang out in the vast draft wasteland or disorganization of doom! Why didn't I think of this sooner?!
But you know what happened to those fifty most recently updated items, some of them projects that I'd been working on for months?
They didn't stay in their assigned folders.
They all fucking WHOOSH disappeared. And thanks to my google prowess, I've discovered that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY to recover them.
I am having such a meltdown right now, that frankly, it's remarkable my shaking hands have been able to type this
All the curse words in all the land will never be enough to express how I feel right now.

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