Wednesday, March 2, 2011

clean hair.

Yesterday was a pretty good day.

And I'll tell you why.

I was roaming around Kroger aimlessly on my lunch break because that's what I do. I rarely, if ever, take care of actual business on my lunch break. I wander around the grocery store and either stare at food I can't afford, dream about eating healthier, plan meals Manfriend will never agree to trying, or I buy frivolous things that I don't need.

In my little basket was couple of bananas, some $1 frozen "lean" lunches, which I highly doubt are good for you in the least, spinach, sprouts, a green pepper, and about $35 dollars worth of hair-care products.


Yes, I got paid Monday.

I was buying Spinach for the first time because I have had serious doubts about liking it, so I always buy Spring Mix or Arugula or something. Any way I discovered last night when I got home that IT'S NOT THAT BAD. And it's like the best thing for you EVER, so I'm going to force myself to wolf it down more often. Or at least say I'm going to, because honestly, it's really hard to say no to myself.


Gaw, I hate myself at times for not deleting things like SCHWING! out of my posts... but, I just can't.

Anyway, on to the most exciting part!!!

I was scouring the clearance section and I discovered these:


double yay!!!!

FOR $6.47 EACH!

Retail: $26.49 a piece.

GAHHH!!! So yeah, I'm good on hair cleansing agents for a while, but it's an investment.

Thanks hometown, for not fitting the Bumble&Bumble demographic and forcing stores around me to slash prices on their products.

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  1. I am so jealous. I shell out so much $ on hair products it's not even funny. When target has 2-4-1 deals on bed head after party I bought 4 (aka 8 bottles). That b&b conditioner is seriously a-maz-ing and you will love.