Thursday, March 24, 2011

jump for joy.

Since I'm not feeling textually inclined today, I decided to post an image illustrating my mood.

I've been foiled by google images, and I'm not happy about it.

Let's just say when I searched "crazy intense emotional rave party," the first image is an anime rave. Not my cup of tea. I mean, it probably could be, if I had the right outfit and was in the correct mindset, but it's not really expressive of my current mood.

However, my boss is on vacation for the next ten days, so "crazy intense emotional rave party" is actually exactly the vibe pulsating through my veins.

OK, ok, I've tried again. This time with "the best feeling ever." Surprisingly, this image is safe for work and not completely off the ball.

Kudos to these folks for not slamming their heads together and knocking each other out... then the the google search would have to be "absolute worst feeling ever."

See you tomorrow, maybe.

XO Sara

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