Thursday, March 10, 2011

sniffing out my 'calling,' first installment

If things around here seem to have taken a sudden divergence from color-me-hateful-of-my-life-and-this-dreadful-winter-nonsense to isweartogodi'mgoingtoimprovemylifeandbecomeadownrightCHEERFULpersonnomatterwhat, then good, because that's exactly what I have kabrewing in this little psyche of mine.

I'll elaborate.

Every once in a while day, I ponder at great length what my calling in life really is. I wouldn't say I get into that meaning of life bullshit, but more, what will suck least for me in the long-run?

You see, one of the things that I value most about myself is the fact that I have A TON of interests. Maybe two tons. I feel genuinely pulled, like hundreds of thumb-sized people with tiny ropes ala Gulliver's Travels pulled,  to things that force me to step out of my comfort zone. I like to think that makes me adventurous, but the truth is that I get bored exceedingly fast.


So, thus far, searching for a means of livelihood that will suit me for the duration has proven elusive and frustrating.

However, based on the past year of cruel and unusual medieval punishment cubicle dwelling from 8-5, M-F, I've concluded that traditional office jobs don't hold the answer to my occupational satisfaction.

Thus I've decided I need to compose a list of potential winner with an accompanying inventory of pluses and minuses. (That will come tomorrow)

So, out with The List:

Camp Director
Speech Writer
NGO Coordinator for International Women's Groups
Great American Novelist
White-Water-Rafting Guide
Antique Store Owner
Interior Designer
Astronaut... bummer.
Landscape Architect
Master Gardener/Green House Owner
Museum Coordinator/Docent
Professional Traveler/Travel Journalist
Community Organizer
Grant Writer
Drug Dealer-- kidding! totally... kidding........
Award-Winning Actress
Labor Lawyer
Owner of a Dog Bakery
Greeting Card Designer
Food Critic
Beer Taster
B&B Owner
Snorkeling Tour Boat Captain

So, there's my list. Thingsthat at this point in the game I think I'd be extremely good at, or would be willing to learn more about in order to excel.

Sheesh, I hope I didn't leave anything out.

Xo Sara

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