Wednesday, January 11, 2012

because I want to.

I'm getting swept up in a vast storm of negativity today lately. So I lieu of my currently non-existent "about me" section, and to distract myself, I'm going to spout off five or so random facts about moi,  probably unbeknownst to you up until this point. Maybe not.

1. Shit. This is harder than I thought it would be.

1.  I ran cross country and track in high school. It was basically one big happy cult family. Other than running ridiculously long distances in extreme heat and cold, not much else happened. We didn't drink. We didn't do drugs. There were a lot of carrot sticks and co-ed sleepovers. There was also a lot of driving around aimlessly on country roads and loud music. We did occasionally egg people's houses. It wasn't that terrible, really. For some reason, I always feel seventeen in the town I grew up in. It's like it's too small to take on everything else I've become since then.

2  I was really reluctant to give in to the whole skinny jeans thing. Like, really reluctant. Enough that even though that phase of my life is basically a blur of college, I remember fighting skinny jeans tooth and nail. Hello, my name is Sara and I have a huge ass. Strangers grab it on occasion, to the point where I swear it's like moths to light. I've now been safely converted, despite my ass's persistence in all things protruding, to the joys of tight pants. Skinny jeans.... I love you. I promise.

3.  I realllllly dislike wearing glasses in public. Have a mentioned that? I'm not sure. I just don't like it. I feel so vulnerable, as if at any moment they're likely to fall off my face on the ground to get trampled by oncoming traffic. Then I'll be blind and have no way to get home. I freak out a lot. The funny thing is, I get hit on about 7:1 more times when I'm wearing glasses. A little weird if you ask me. Good thing I already snagged a total babe because if I had to resort to wearing glasses to rope in eligible men, I'd have a panic attack a minute about my vision being limited to the constraints of the lenses. I freak out a lot, I told you.

4.  I don't listen to her music that much, but that stupid "You and Me" song by Lady Gaga makes me tear up every single time I hear it. What the hell? I don't even know anyone from Nebraska.

5.  On Saturday it was so unfairly beautiful outside that I left the library and drove to the park. I read a novel while I laid in the grass and let the sun warm me instead of finishing my grad school applications. It's January. In the Midwest. As far as I'm concerned, that's the closest I've ever been to divine intervention. As for my grad schools apps- still looming large.  Everything in due time, right?

So now you now all about me and my aversion to glasses and conversion to skinny jeans and everything else.


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  1. it! I also resisted skinny jeans and make sure that I wear long-ish sweaters to cover the booty. AND, I share your hatred for glasses in public, but since dating The Lawyer, he always goes on and on about how sexy glasses are, blah blah. Ok, FINE. So, I wear the dumb classes 50/50 now.