Wednesday, January 4, 2012

foiled again.

At my library the new books are '2 week only' books. Which means you can only check them out for two weeks.
That explanation was unnecessary,
Anyway, you can't go online and renew them if you're not done reading them yet which often happens with books since I always manage to check out like 50 at a time for some reason, as if the library is going to be closed for six weeks instead of open every day and two minutes from my house.  Yes, I often run into a little problem with two week books. Because sometimes, SOMETIMES, I don't get around to opening them until the 12th day or so, and then it's a race against the clock. I almost never win these races.
Either I pay a daily fine for hoarding them.
Or I'm sneaky and I run into the library, have the clerk check it back in and then immediately check it back out.
Whew, problem solved.
I get the book for longer and I'm not holding it hostage and everyone is happy.
Until yesterday.
Yesterday I strode into the library urgently because I wanted to make sure I was in the clear with The Marriage Plot, which happened to be due and I was just at a really good part and wanted to get back to reading it immediately.
I was on page 139. I had marked pages 116 and 136 because I took a certain shining to quotes on both of those pages.
I was about to take the book back and drive home impatiently, burst in the door and kiss my boyfriend and hug my dog and grab a handful of cookies and promptly disappear into a fiction-induced haze for AT LEAST two more hours.
Then came the fateful words:
"I'm sorry, but it looks like there is a hold on this one."
heavy sigh.


  1. I just started The Marriage Plot! Right after I finished the Hunger Games series, which you must read IMMEDIATELY if you haven't already.

  2. Oh girl, my love for the Hunger Games is deep and obsessive. As in, I read all three in three days. My boyfriend is eager for the time when I can go 24 hours or more without mentioning/bringing up/relating something to/ making my world predictions based on The Hunger Games. To which I honestly think, that day may never come.