Thursday, January 19, 2012

easily the worst post i've ever written... don't waste your time.

I'm pretty unexciting right now.

Matt and I traversed to Cleveland last weekend. It was fun. Our team lost the hockey game we attended, but I got kind of sloppy on $8 - 24oz Honey Brown cans, so it wasn't a total wash. Also, we got along abnormally well, so I'm thankful for that. I lived way beyond my means, aka I partied like a rockstar in Cleveland, so now the rest of my money will be going to gas to get me to and from work until I get paid again in 10 days. Yay, adult decisions.

"Nerd" said in a demeaning way has become my new favorite insult, which I think is okay since it could easily be turned on me accurately. Correct usage? "Get out of the way, NERD."

We're watching the series ALIAS from start to finish (SEASON THREE HERE WE COME), which has become intensely emotional for me, for whatever reason. Like, I'm obsessed with spies now. And Michael Vartan. And Jennifer Garner.  I get really sucked into things. I've probably never been so excited to watch television in my life.

Most evenings I head to the library from about 7-9pm to "work on my grad school applications," aka gchat with my friends that live across the continent/world. I'm just fucking tired of the entire process and totally running out of steam. I've probably put in over ten hours on one personal statement alone, though. Basically, if I don't get into grad school, I'm planning to disappear... which could lead to a half-hearted attempt to become a spy. COME ON GRAD SCHOOL.

I started crying while trying to explain Eating Animals to someone I'd just met over beers recently. That was pretty much a low point. Seriously though, a very, very good read.

Blahdy Blah.

This is already pretty dismal, I don't think I'll add anything else. Anyway, it's time for lunch so I'll probably go sit in the conference room with the $1.00 microwavable meal and watch ALIAS clips on my phone.

Hopefully things will take an upward swing soon. I'm trying to laugh a lot, anyway.

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