Monday, April 4, 2011

a gasoline explosion almost ruined my weekend.

Welp, I'm a list-maker at heart and I'm in a time crunch due to a need for productivity at the office, so here's a quickly-whipped-out list of what's been going on with me the past few days.

-Are The Shins ever not right? No. They're always right. I'm constantly forgetting about them, and then Gone For Good came on Pandora today and I was all, "HOT DAMN, it's time I gave Oh, Inverted World  a few spins." Musically, I'm pretty dormant at that moment, but all of that will change soon enough. I'll come out with my Spring/Summer 2011 mix and have some new tunes to obsess over until it's time to mellow out for the fall. AND OMZ nothing fits the summer bill quite like fast-paced blue grass. Already getting sensory chills at the prospect of slapping a wine bag in the backseat on the way to a show or a serious jam-out on the way to the sacred river-side campground.

Cue goosebumps.

-Yesterday I played tennis with my mother and youngest brother. Just when I think I'm actually hitting the ball hard enough to warrant the grunts that seem to escape me as I make contact, we switch sides. Holy WIND! I quickly discovered that I had been at the wind's advantage and shit got difficult. It's basically common knowledge that my mom can smack the ball harder than I can. What is this nonsense about being in my physical prime? On the upside, I know what I have to look forward to; a mean, mean backhand can and will be mine when (and if) I reach my mid-to-late forties.

-I always root for the underdog in anything competitive unless I have a direct interest in the competition itself or if my Alma Mater, the Phillies, Flyers, or a team that I'm in some way affiliated with is part of it. The fact that I don't even care and won't even watch the National Championship Basketball NCAA game tonight means I'll obviously brag all about Butler winning tomorrow if they indeed pull it off. Don't be offended and/or read more into it than that. Also, if they don't win, it won't effect me at all, so everyone is a winner here. Ok, only me. I'm the only definite winner here.

-I was pumping gas yesterday because it was that time of the fuel level and because I try to fill up only once a week, at the beginning of the work-week, so I can more easily track my budget (I know, I'm growing up, brings tears to your eyes, doesn't it?) and you won't believe what happened. A GASOLINE EXPLOSION. Not with fire or anything, everyone involved is fine. However, I like to fill it all the way up, so I just lock the nozzle on GO and go back up to the front of my car and hang out up there until I here the thing kick off. Yesterday, that proved to be a critical error. THE STUPID PUMP AND IT'S STUPID PUMP FACE NEVER SHUT OFF. So after godonlyknows how long, I mosey on back to the rear of my car, because I glance back and notice I'm at sixty seven goddamn dollars, and GAS IS SPEWING EVERYWHERE. I didn't know what to do, and I panicked. So I just wiped the side of my car with a paper-towel and drove off, leaving a significant puddle. I probably wasted AT LEAST a dollar. ERRRRG.

-I have an interview to volunteer with an organization I have admired for a very long time. On Thursday. I can't wait! More on that Thursday.

It's going to be a great week!

XO Sara

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  1. If I wasn't going to win $560 if UCONN wins tonight, then I would totally be pulling for the underdog, but alas, momma needs to get paid so go Huskies!

    Also, your gas incident is one of my biggest fears. It makes me think about how easily gas station predicaments can escalate a la Zoolander.