Wednesday, April 6, 2011

april showers bring impulse buying

I can totally justify to myself the purchase of these little dandies:

they're perfect, i know.

1. I found them for almost half off the original price, with free overnight shipping. It's like this website really cares about me and doesn't want me to catch my death from soggy, cold, feet. New BFFS? New BFFS.

2.  I actually discovered these gems in January, aka OVER two months ago and have restrained and bargained with myself about buying them. Thus, I've earned this simple pleasure.

3. If we continue at the current rate, this April is going to be full of rain showers. I need to arm myself accordingly. With precious boots.

4. I'm obsessed with Sperry. It's sick. I have an illness. These boots were my fix. There is no known cure.

April, you can throw all the showers you've got at me, I've got the proper footwear and I can now take on the world.

Xo Sara

1 comment:

  1. free overnight shipping? that reeks of they get me everytime with that! "oh look, i want these shoes. i can get them tomorrow? SOLD."

    PS - rain boots are a totally justifiable buy. you NEED them. not only can you use them to jump in puddles, but they're awesome in winter when everything's all slushy out. if you even need me to justify a purchase (shoes, clothes, alcohol, etc) i can find a way to justify it. if i had a a joke resume, that would probably the first skill i would list in the skills section.