Monday, April 11, 2011

the good news is that i'm not murdered.

This weekend was exhausting. Emotionally and physically.

And then last night I decided that since it was warm and breezy, we should sleep with the windows open. Only, after trying to drift into slumberland for an hour, I was still WIDE awake, and all I could think about was how the house is only one story and one of the windows faces a busy street and oh my god what if a weirdo murderer comes and snatches me out of bed since I'm closest to that window?

So then we shut that window so that I wouldn't have to panic about it and lay wide-awake in bed all night, waiting for a violent criminal to try and steal and kill me.

But then it got super hot in a bedroom and also fucking loud from the wind hitting the now-closed windows and it's really too early to turn on the air conditioning, so I just didn't have any blankets on, but I couldn't cool down, partially because I was trying too hard and partially because I was still thinking about highway murder-men. I don't know why murderers are always men in my horrifying day/night-dreams. Maybe I'm sexist.


So, there were some decent and even good moments this weekend, but overall, it should have been a lot better for as lovely as the weather turned out to be and the company. Man, I'm tired.

At least weekends come around ever five days or so.

XO Sara

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