Tuesday, April 19, 2011

keeping up with the times.

heyo. I'm trying to create a new header... because my current header is admittedly.... sucktastic. Like, worse than diarrhea. Ok, sorry about the bathroom humor, but it's seriously that bad. So, I'm delving/sticking a pensive toe into the unfamiliar realm of photo editing.

I know, it's like I don't even own a vagina sometimes.

Fuck, there I go with the bathroom shit again.

I'm on a roll now.

But seriously, I've wasted an entire lunch hour on this little pic to your left. Yeah, that's all I have to show for an entire hour of my life. It's going to get better. Promise me I'm going to get better at this interwebz stuff.

Massive sigh.

I have to go push paper now. And surrepticiously sneak looks at the impending doom happening out of doors. AKA, I"m not actually enjoying this storm, which is disappointing.

If you have pointers, send them my way. On the web-graphic shit. And, you know, any other wisdom you feel compelled to pass down as well.

Thanks in advance.

XO Sata
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